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Re: [Attn: alternatives maintainer] - ghostscript preremove breakage

I want to flag this for the sake of completeness

Dr. Volker Zell wrote:

> alternatives --display gs
> path to alternate expected in /var/lib/alternatives/gs

I have tried to reinstall ghostscrip* in a clean way.

Since uninstalling does not remove /etc/postinstall/ghostscript*.done, /etc/preremove/ghostscrip*.done and the links that installation creates (gs->gs-x11, in my case), I have cleaned all these things.

But reinstalling from scratch did not work until I removed also /var/lib/alternatives/gs. Only after this the links were recreated and now I have:

$ /usr/sbin/alternatives --display gs
gs - condizione automatica.
 il link attualmente indica a /usr/bin/gs-x11
/usr/bin/gs-native - priorit'a 10
/usr/bin/gs-x11 - priorit'a 20
La migliore versione attuale 'e /usr/bin/gs-x11.

Cheers, Angelo.

--- Facesti come quei che va di notte, che porta il lume dietro e se' non giova, ma dopo se' fa le persone dotte. - DANTE, Purgatorio, xxii 67-69

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