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Directory existence prevents .exe execution

We have the Ici scripting language installed on Windows. Ici expects a directory called "ici" to exist alongside, where various libraries are installedd to provide extra functionality.

Unfortunately, under Cygwin, if w try to run the command "ici" we get the error "ici: command not found", because Cygwin chooses to try to execute the directory instead of the .exe:

$ /opt/bin/ici /cygdrive/x/bin/script/cfnhdr
bash: /opt/bin/ici: is a directory
$ ls -ld /opt/bin/ici
drwxr-xr-x 1 luke Domain Users 0 Oct 17  2005 /opt/bin/ici
$ ls -ld /opt/bin/ici.*
-rwxr-xr-x 1 luke Domain Users 233503 Apr 18  2000 /opt/bin/ici.dll
-rwxr-xr-x 1 luke Domain Users  24576 Jan 29  2003 /opt/bin/ici.exe

I tried naming the ici directory Ici but it made no difference.
The directory /opt/bin is mounted like so:
$ mount
\\samba\syncopt\\bin on /opt/bin type system (textmode,exec)

Using binmode doesn't help. Is this a bug, that bash tries to execute a directory even when there's an executable (with an implicit .exe suffix, naturally) of the same name in existence ? If not, can anyone suggest a workaround? I can't just append a .exe to the #!/opt/bin/ici shell wrapper since then the scripts wouldn't run from Unix.

Is there a bash option that controls this, maybe (I couldn't see one)?



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