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Re: [Attn: alternatives maintainer] - ghostscript preremove breakage

Dr. Volker Zell wrote:
This is the relevant code block in alternatives.c where the above file gets read by the function readConfig (buf should hold the contents of the above file after the do loop):

curBufSz = READCONFIG_BUF_INITIALSZ; totalBytesRead = 0; numBytesRead = 0; buf = NULL; do { if (curBufSz < READCONFIG_BUF_BEHAVIOR_THRESH) curBufSz *= 2; else curBufSz += READCONFIG_BUF_BEHAVIOR_THRESH;

buf = realloc(buf, curBufSz + 1);

bufp = buf + totalBytesRead;

try putting *bufp = '\0'; right here.

numBytesRead = read(fd, bufp, curBufSz - totalBytesRead);

       /* don't add '-1' ! */
       if (numBytesRead > 0)
           totalBytesRead += numBytesRead;
    while (numBytesRead > 0);

(gdb) p bufp $38 = 0x664a08 "1\n20\nµ"

Whoa. That is odd. I wonder if it's an uninitialized memory thing -- realloc does not zero out the "new" storage; it only copies over the old storage up to the old storage's length.

(gdb) p buf
$39 = 0x6649e8 "auto\n/usr/bin/gs\n\n/usr/bin/gs-x11\n20\nµ"

and then later on in parseLine after a while:


and boom...

Yep, that would do it.

It looks like something went wrong in line 219

numBytesRead = read(fd, bufp, curBufSz - totalBytesRead);

Also numBytesRead=5, bufp="1\n20\nµ" instead of "1\n20\n"

I have no idea where the µ comes from.

Running alternative on one of your packages is fine:

Memory issues are always tricky. If the fix above corrects the error, I've got to wonder how we've been so lucky on all the other packages that use the alternatives system...


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