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Tail not reading to end of input

Hi, I've just rebuilt my machine and done a clean install of the
latest Cygwin, and am having a problem with tail.  I'm wanting to know
whether this is a known issue before digging deeper.  For other
reasons, I've rebuilt my machine clean twice this weekend and have had
this problem both times -- I also sourced the Cygwin files from two
different mirrors.

It's been a few months since I last installed Cygwin, and all I can
think of that has changed since then is:
  1. I have a newer version of Cygwin
  2. I'm now on Vista Enterprise (was Vista Ultimate)
  3. I'm now on an SP1 of Vista (was original RTM of Vista)

When running a command such as "dir /s /a cygwin | tail -2" (from C:\)
it displays:
  03/04/2008  10:32 PM                35 7zr
  07/19/2007  02:05 PM
This last line is the 29th line of output.  Redirecting to a file
shows that there are 7 spaces at the end of this last line, and the
total output is 1028 bytes, or 1000 after running dos2unix.

Moving C:\cygwin to C:\x\cygwin (to force some extra characters into
the output of the above command, ie. the "x\") and rerunning shows
that it again stops at precisely the same place (7 spaces after the
time on the 29th line), but the output is now 1032 bytes, or 1004
after running dos2unix, due to the extra characters.

If I first redirect the output of the dir command to a file and tail
that then all is well.  Even running "type filename | tail -2" works.
Also, if I dos2unix the stream inplace (ie. "dir /s /a cygwin |
dos2unix | tail -2") it works correctly.  Note that I installed with
Unix file type (as always).

I just tried the same on \Windows, and it stops on the 26th line at a
position that seems to amount to 1124 bytes, or 1098 when dos2unix'd.

I'm guessing that this is a bigger problem that just tail (I could be
wrong), but "dir /s /a cygwin | wc -l" doesn't have any problems.

Has anyone seen this before?

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