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[ANNOUNCEMENT] NEW: libtool-2.2.2-2 / Updated: libltdl7-2.2.2-2

GNU libtool is a generic library support script. Libtool hides the
complexity of using shared libraries behind a consistent, portable

This update represents a name change from the previous 'libtool2.2' package, to the new 'libtool' package (the embedded version number '2.2' has been dropped). This is a TEST release, and is only available by choosing the 'test' version from setup's chooser menu.

Normally, 'test' releases are not announced in this manner. However, this one replaces and obsoletes an existing, non-test package (libtool2.2), so the announcement is appropriate.

Both the (now obsolete) libtool2.2 package and the new libtool package (at least, the ones derived from libtool-2.2 source) provide a libltdl7 subpackage, which is why that package is 'updated' and not 'new'.

Note that both libltdl3 (from the libtool-1.5.x series) and libltdl7 (from this libtool-2.2.x series) can be installed at the same time, without conflict.

Changes sine libtool2.2-2.2.2-1
o changed base package name from 'libtool2.2' to 'libtool'
o Added patches from Yaakov Selkowitz



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