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segmentation faults and memory problems


I try to run a program which needs a lot of memory.
fails with a "segmentation fault".
In the program's?
Users Guide,  it is advised to increase the stack size but as knwon the
"ulimit -s" command does not work.
So i tried to compile
the program with "-Wl,stack=..." option but it still failed.

I found in the FAQs some solutions like increasing cygwin's memory
using regtool.
And it is still failing.
I ran the
"max_memory" code given in the FAQ and it always gives 1536.0Mb
and it is very weird...

I work on two computers, running under
windows XP and windows XP64. The former have 1Gb of RAM and the latter
Increasing the stack size and modifying the
"heap_chunk_in_mb" value dont change anything to my segmentation
Plus "max_memory" always reply 1536Mb for both
computers and for any "heap_chunk_in_mb" value.... (so i think i
am not RAM limitted

running out of solutions.
Can someone help?
I attach the
cygcheck.out file for the first computer.

Tea Eric
student, IEF, Université Paris-Sud, FRANCE

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