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Re: Vista + cygwin basics

Brian Dessent wrote:
Correction - it doesn't try to do anything with the permissions as
stated in the tarball.  At startup it does try to set a DACL in the
process token that contains Everyone:full.  However, as I understand it,
the DACL only applies to files created in situations where they would
not otherwise inherit an ACL, so if the Vista default for C:\ contains
inheritable settings (as I would imagine it has to) then this wouldn't

I used the Windows Properties dialog on C:\cygwin to add 'Administrator:Full Control' on my existing cygwin installation (since I had done very little personalization, there were no "private" files belonging to my unprivileged self to worry about).

This propagated down to all contained objects.

Now the perms/ACLs look a bit more sane.

$ ls -l aatest.exe
-rwxr-x---+ 1 Administrator Users 6144 Mar 20 13:53 aatest.exe

$ getfacl aatest.exe
# file: aatest.exe
# owner: Administrator
# group: Users

It's not that anything was noticeably broken -- it's just that things looked so WEIRD I didn't really try to DO anything; afraid that I might have to wipe out any customizations and start over. Now, I've been involved with cygwin for a long time, but Vista+cygwin gives me the creeping heebie-jeebies...or maybe I'm just over-thinking it.


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