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Re: Vista + cygwin basics

Charles Wilson wrote:

> So, are these differences expected?  Have I messed up the installation
> by doing 'Run as Administrator' -- some posts around the web seem to
> recommned turning off UAC when running setup.exe, or running it in 'XP
> Compatibility Mode'.

Yes I would expect differences, given that Vista has very different
defaults.  No they shouldn't matter -- unless you're saying that
something doesn't work.  I don't think UAC should really matter, in that
its heuristics are going to ask for permission to run it as
administrator anyway (or at least, it should if it was named setup.exe;
don't know about setup-n.exe.)  It might be a different situation at
runtime though, i.e. there still could be packages that don't yet have
foo.exe.manifest-like workarounds discovered and implemented.

Setup doesn't do anything with permissions, so the resulting ones are
the defaults as inherited from the directory containing the location you
chose to install.  If you installed in c:\cygwin, they should have
inherited from the default ACL in c:\, whatever Vista chose for that. 
The striking difference could be due to this, i.e. MS tightended down
the root dir default ACLs since you don't typically install things there
but instead in Program Files.  If you want them different, simply create
the root dir with the desired permissions before installing.

I'll look at that empty glib2-runtime package and see what the deal
there is.


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