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RE: Embedded packaging of cygwin without installation

> > [Good ol' licensing fine print removed]
> >> For me it would be okay, if I could detect if there is a installed
> >> with my needed utils (bash, grep, sed, awk, read...)
> >> For now my only idea was to package it with my distribution.
> >> So here my new suggestion:
> >> 1.    is cygwin installed?
> >> 1.1.  yes, setup the environment-variables to use the installed one
> >> 1.1.1 are the needed tools installed?
> >> 1.1.2 no, run cygwin-setup and preselect the additionally needed tools
> >> 1.2.  no, run cygwin-setup with the preselected needed tools
> >> Is this possible to realize?
> >
> > That sounds almost ideal (to me, but I'm no authority). 
> Authoritative ACK, including the "almost".

You got me wrong. I have a preconfigured distribution of tools (nothing to
do with cygwin), which I want to provide in some teams. For now I have
packaged the UnxTools into my distribution. Now I am searching for an
replacement. The replacement could be done by:
- a cygwin packaging in my distribution
- usage of an (maybe) already installed cygwin (via your setup.exe).
I got it, that I cannot package your cygwin into my distribution. So far so
But now I want to be able to determine, if someone has already installed
(via your setup.exe) a cygwin. If so I would like to be able to use the
already installed one. But how to determine if there is already an
installation of cygwin? And furthermore, how can I use it?
If I detect, that no cygwin (via your setup.exe) is installed, I would like
to open a browser which points to your setup.exe so the user could install
the cygwin.
In both cases it may be necessary to determine 

Correct me if I am wrong. This approach has no licensing issues.

In short: I want to use a preinstalled cygwin (and optionally to install one
with your setup.exe if it wasn't installed). I only need some commands
(bash, grep, sed, awk, ...). I do not want to package anything into cygwin,
I just want to use the cygwin as it is.

> > [...]
> >
> > (1) (a) Just create a setup.exe-compatible package for your tool
> >     (b) create a cygwin "release" directory on a website of your control
> >     (c) populate it with all the cygwin packages (including -src) you
> > to include in your mini-distro PLUS all of the dependencies for those 
> > packages
> >     (d) create a setup.exe-compatible setup.ini script that describes
> > packages available on your site (use 'genini')
> >     (e) tell people to use setup.exe, with "custom mirror" set to your 
> > site, and 'install all'.  (FWIW, this is what I did for an internal 
> > customized cygwin distro for my employer)  If they already have cygwin, 
> > and/or newer versions of some of your copied packages, they get to keep 
> > their newer versions, and just pull in your special package, and any
> > requirements they don't already have.
> >     (f) alternatively, if setup.exe has cmdline args to set a specific 
> > mirror choice (I don't know), give your user a batch file that 
> > automatically runs setup.exe with --some-option your-mirror.

> That's the second best way, really.  The best way is to become a Cygwin
> package maintainer for your special packages and put them into the distro.

I do not need any mirror or any special packages, because I do not want to
change anything in cygwin. In my scenario cygwin is "only" tool to setup my
needed environment by grepping, awking, seding some files.

I hope I could clarify my needs.


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