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Re: Distribution of cygwin (free and commercial)

2008/4/11, Hans Kaiser <>:
>  I have read the "FAQ suggestion", and I wanted to open a new thread about
>  the possible distribution of cygwin. (I cannot access the old thread)
>  Before I start, I want you to check what happened to Eclipse, KDE, Gnome,
>  7-zip and so on. Really many, many people are using the software because it
>  is freely available and distributable!
>  If you are afraid of commercial distributions, restrict a commercial
>  distribution in the license.
>  Anyway I think it should be technically possible to give cygwin some start
>  parameters there you could easily switch between different locations. (e.g.
>  a parameter with a different registry-root or some parameters with the
>  needed mount-points.) Have I got it?

How many people are using different Eclipse installations, different KDE or
GNOME servers, just because the packager is too lazy to check
if cygwin is already installed (and overwrites it with his own version),
or more easily just require cygwin, KDE, GNOME, ... to be installed.

There's only one cygwin, KDE, GNOME and people rely on that.
Reini Urban    

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