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cygwin1.dll replica's?

So here is the deal, I am trying to run cygwin through poderosa, and I
always get the error saying that "procedure entry point _fopen64 could
not be located in the dll cygwin1.dll"

So being a good guy, I google for this problem, figure out its an
issue of cygwin1.dll replica's and set out to find one. None of my
windows search or google desktop search showed me two replicas.
Frustrated, I uninstalled cygwin by removing it directory and deleting
the registry entries. I then fresh installed it and was still running
into the same issue.

So this time a do a find -name thing at the top of the cygwin tree.
Here it returned me two places where cygwin1.dll was... /bin and
/usr/bin. However, it seems /usr/bin is just a hard (symbolic?) link
to /bin and I cant actually delete anything in there since it is
pointing to the only copy of cygwin in /bin.

So I am still at the same point.... I get this problem everytime I
start a cygwin shell through Poderosa and I cant get rid of the error?
Any help?

Thank you.


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