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Re: using rsync with Win32/UNC pathnames?

Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
If you want, download

You will need 7zip to extract it (or something compatible).

Such as the cygwin p7zip program, or the native programs distributed by the upstream 7zip project (google...)

However, be warning: 7zip -- and the 7zip format -- contain NO provisions for storing unix style permissions, unix style ACLs, nor Windows/NTFS style ACLs.

Therefore, if Corinna 'unpacks' you test file, she will NOT necessarily be testing your exact scenario. So, you need to use a tool that cares for such things (the exact tool will depend on the OS (and cygwin, if OS=win) for your server, and for your client.

I point this out, because it may not be a UTF filename encoding problem at all. You just might not have the appropriate permissions to access the (remote, local) files.


> It looks like it looses the special character in tar or zip, but
> 7zip can store it just fine.

So: use 7zip and keep the encoding -- but lose the permissions. Use tar/zip, and keep the permissions but lose the encodings.

Maybe you should post the output, on your (remote?) system, of
getfacl -f emptydir
getfacl -f file-in-empty-dir


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