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Re: -11: Problem at 1st start when "cygwin.bat" is run by Nullsoft-Installer

On Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 12:58:14PM -0700, Matt Seitz (matseitz) wrote:
>"Christopher Faylor" <> wrote
>in message news:<>...
>>It's nice that people have found other uses for cygwin1.dll and the
>>packages which go into the distribution found at but
>>I think it is unrealistic to expect that people here will be cheerfully
>>willing to do extra work to make it easy for other uses of cygwin.
>Would it be appropriate to refer such people to:

Personally, I prefer to just think of this project as a free software
project.  It's always possible to find people who are willing to do
programming for $$$ (and I am definitely not volunteering for this) so
that should be a given.

Also, Red Hat has their own supported distribution so I wouldn't assume
that they would be thrilled to make changes in the cygwin net disro to
accommodate someone else's attempts to install packages.


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