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Re: -11: Problem at 1st start when "cygwin.bat" is run by Nullsoft-Installer


your proposal to delete the variables in the batch that does start cygwin
for the 1st time doesn't work. The variables are deleted before bash starts
(echo $tmp is...nothing but this doesn't change anything; the same error
occurs at the same place.

Would it be feasible to hardcode the relevant scripts into /etc/profile?

BTW, if it is to late to delete the variables from /etc/profile...why do
you ever bring up "unset"? "unset" is a Unix command and not available on
Windows, as you know. That is exactly the point I am a little disturbed by
- on the one side you don't really want to help "intensivly", but on the
other side you provide me with irrelevant information that makes this
thread unneccessarily longer than it had become if you had really wanted to
help me in the 1st time.

I wish you a nice and refreshing weekend never the less,



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             11.04.2008 10:50          Re: -11: Problem at 1st start when  
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On Apr 11 10:10, Christoph Herdeg wrote:
> And...while already bein on rant: Hey Corinna, instead of writing "use
> unset" and "man bash"...wouldn't it have been easier to have written
> -fv TMP" in the first time?

You said you know how to write shell scripts.  And then again, I said
that it's too late to do it in bash.  You have to do it before calling
bash.  Calling unset in /etc/profile does not help.  What was wrong
with that?


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