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Re: Permission Problem with crontab

Adi B Treiner (abt Account) wrote:

Maybe you are determining something within my cygwin configuration which
causes the issue.

The issue is, when I'm starting jobs from crontab which should transfer backup archives from a local depot to a network depot, I'm determining always no write access to the net share and therefore the cron job will fail.

If I'm doing the same from command line (bash) it works as expected.

Thanks in advance for any hints.

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Assuming that adolf_treiner is a user that has network access, I would
say the next most likely cause of your problem is your reliance on some
environment (variables most likely) that doesn't exist for 'cron'.  You
may want to review your script to see if there's anything obvious that
it relies on.  Anything you find should be added to the script so it
is set when 'cron' runs the script.

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