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Re: using rsync with Win32/UNC pathnames?

On Apr 11 14:26, Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen schrieb:
>> On Apr  3 13:10, Brian Dessent wrote:
>>> Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
>>>> So once Cygwin learns how to speak UTF-8, I will finally be able to
>>>> backup all Windows files... :)
>>> Set CYGWIN=codepage:utf8 to enable UTF-8 support.
>> ...and set LC_CTYPE=C-UTF-8, otherwise multibyte/wide char aware
>> application don't convert UTF-8 strings correctly from multibyte to
>> wide char and vice versa.
> Although it helped greatly, I'm still unable to open some files with Cygwin 
> apps.

One reason could be that you're accessing a remote samba share which
has filenames with characters which are invalid utf-8 chars.  In this
case there's nothing Cygwin can do.  You will have to fix that on the
server side.

> Windows tools have no problems accessing them.
> Some Windows tools say for example "this directory contains file names from 
> a different code page" (i.e., Total Commander will say this when entering a 
> directory which contains such a file).
> Is there a setting which will enable Cygwin apps to open all files, 
> irrespective of their name encoding?

utf-8 is supposed to be able to convert all wide chars to a multibyte
sequence.  If it's *not* the above server-side problem, we would need a
simple, self-contained, reproducible testcase, preferrably in plain C.


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