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Re: Restoring text mode on a mount. How?

Andrey Tarasevich wrote:

> So the question that I'm trying to ask is why doesn't it work without re-
> installation of Cygwin? Why does it interpret scripts from re-mounted textmode
> mount as binary files? Is there a way to get back to the original freshly-
> installed Cygwin textmode behavior without actually re-installing it?

Paste the entire contents of the mount table.  The mode that is in
effect for a given file is a function of which mount table entry the
filename matched.  For example, there can be both user and system
entries for cygdrive or any other mount.  Also, the mode of the cygdrive
mount only matters for things accessed through that mount, not e.g.
/usr/local/bin/foo.  So in other words, you have to consider the table
as a whole; show us the entire contents as well as the filename under
which you access the file.

The setup program does nothing but edit the mounts in the table, there
is nothing special about it, and everything it does can be reproduced
with the "mount" command.  If you select "just me" it edits user-mode
mounts, if you select "everybody" it edits system-mode mounts.


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