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Restoring text mode on a mount. How?


I'm having a strange problem with my Cygwin installation and would appreciate 
any help. It was originally installed to use DOS text mode by default ('\r\n' 
line endings). A 'mount' command after the installation shows /cygwin/c as 
mounted in text mode

  c: on /cygwin/c type user (textmode)

I have a bunch of sh scripts on /cygwin/c with '\r\n' line endings that work 
perfectly fine. If I unmount /cygwin/c and re-mount it in binary mode, the 
scripts stop working due to '\r' getting in the way. So far, everything looks 
perfectly logical.

Then I unmount the binary /cygwin/c and remount it again in text mode. The 
report from 'mount' now looks the same way it looked after the installation

  c: on /cygwin/c type user (textmode)

However, the scripts still refuse to work for the very same reason - sh 
complains about those '\r's getting in the way. And that's the problem: 
regardless of what and how I mount/unmount, there seems to be absolutely no way 
to get back to the original functionality, i.e. make Cygwin to interpret text 
files from this textmode mount as text files.

The only way to solve the problem I found so far is to re-run the Cygwin setup 
again specifying DOS text mode by default. Magically, everything gets back to 
normal, even though there are no visible changes in the 'mount' report.

So the question that I'm trying to ask is why doesn't it work without re-
installation of Cygwin? Why does it interpret scripts from re-mounted textmode 
mount as binary files? Is there a way to get back to the original freshly-
installed Cygwin textmode behavior without actually re-installing it?

Thank you,
Andrey Tarasevich

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