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Yaakov? (was Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: csih-0.1.3-1)

On Apr 10 00:55, Charles Wilson wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>> And that was really very nice.  I'm not trying to critizise the general
>> approach.  I just think we (that is: I) should get rid of the entire
>> message and the setfacl in ssh-user-config.
> Well, that will certainly simplify things. However, operating on the old 
> assumption, the new (not even in CVS yet) version of csih lets you do this:
> compute_sshd_user() {
>   if csih_is_nt
>   then
>     if ! cygrunsrv -Q sshd >/dev/null 2>&1
>     then
>       csih_select_privileged_username -q sshd
>     fi
>     sshd_user=$(csih_service_should_run_as sshd)
>     if ! setfacl -m "u::rwx,u:${sshd_user}:r--,g::---,o::---" \
>          "${pwdhome}/.ssh"
>     then
>       csih_error_multiline \
>     ....
> }

That looks good.  Almost a pity that we don't need to set permissons :)

>>> (c) But what if ${service} has not yet been installed, even though [a]
>>> common service account exists [perhaps used by some other installed
>>> cygwin service]?  Then you'd still need the existing logic...
>> Right, but that should probably be a fallback.  
> Ok, that's the way it works now.  But it is also why the user-config client 
> needs to check 'cygrunsrv -Q myservice' and call
>   csih_select_privileged_username -q myservice
> if the service is not already installed.

Only if permissions have to be set.  But, since the services in question
are usually running under a privileged account (here: having the backup
user right), there's really no need to add the service account to the
ACL.  This was only necessary in earlier days, when Cygwin didn't open
files with backup intent.

It *would* be a problem if the service in question doesn't run under
a privileged account, though.  For instance, if the service has been
installed to run with just a single user account.  But in that case,
either the user calling the user-config script is the same user as the
service account, or the user has lost anyway.

>> Nothing of that is actually helpful or informative for a
>> "just-a-user" user.  And except for setting permissions (which isn't
>> necessary!) I really think we should not call this function from pure
>> user config scripts.
> That's up to the maintainer of each csih client package. You don't want to 
> call these 'hey, what account is the server running as?' function, you 
> don't need to.

I agree.  It might be useful at one point.

> P.S. "not even in CVS yet" -- because in anticipation of getting approval 
> from Corinna, Pierre, and Yaakov for explicitly specifying the license 
> terms of, I went ahead an made those changes to NEWS, COPYING, 
>, AUTHORS, etc.
> Corinna: MIT/X ok
> Pierre: MIT/X ok
> Yaakov: ...
> Yaakov?
> Bueller?
> Is this thing on?
> <tap>, <tap>
> hello?

Wait, I help:



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