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cron and Windows 2000

Hi all,

I recently updated cygwin on a Windows 2000 server box and I am now getting errors when running cron. It is the famous, "can't switch user context" message that I've seen a lot of posts about. The issue is that I am not running Windows 2003 server, but rather Windows 2000 server. Cygwin has been installed for 'all to run', and the cron jobs are/were created by user, "Administrator".

I have attempted to create a "cron_user" user, giving that user special permissions ["Act as part of the operating system", "replace a process level token", and "Increase quotas"]. After creating the user, I ran mkpasswd -l so now /etc/passwd has that user listed. When I attempt to su into that account so I can try and run cron-config under that account, I get the error, "su: incorrect password, or insufficient privileges to change user (see Permission denied"

I read the section, which is why I made sure that the 3 special permissions were granted to that user.

So I am a bit stuck: I need to be able to run cron as ...well, someone! I would perfer to run cron as Administrator, since that is the only user who logs into the console and the only user with a crontab. Is there something obvious I am missing?

Thank for any info y'all can provide,


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