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Re: Using windows text mode without setup.exe

On Wed, Apr 09, 2008 at 02:51:36PM -0400, wrote:
>I am developing an application that links with the Cygwin dll (i.e.  I
>don't want people to have to have a Cygwin install on their computers).
>The application needs read from and write to files in text mode (i.e.
>using CRLF format).  This works fine on my development machine, because
>I can just use the Cygwin setup program to specify the Windows text
>mode as default.  However, when I package up my distribution with the
>Cygwin dll and install it elsewhere, the program writes UNIX linefeeds.
>Please, is there some way to specify that Windows text mode should be
>used without going through the Cygwin setup program?  Should it be done
>automatically and I'm just missing something?
>As per the reporting guidelines, I am attaching the output from
>cygcheck -s -v -r.

Other people have answered the technical aspects of your question but I
wanted to remind you that if you are supplying a cygwin DLL you still
have to abide by the GPL.  That means that you need to make the source
code for both your program *and* the cygwin DLL available under the
terms mentioned at


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