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Re: A FAQ regarding defrag and permissions of nonadmin files?

Gmane User wrote:
Arg. Andrew. My thread TITTTL'd! :(
Again, I don't subscribe to the "talk list".
I thought this was cygwin related because all the affected files are mostly involved with my use of Cygwin. And normal Windows users don't go about finangling file permissions in the manner that unix users do. Hence (I thought) they won't often encounter similar issues with defrag related to permissions. However, no one else has chimed in about similar problems, so perhaps the problem goes beyond cygwin and unix file permissions on a Windows box.
That last statement should tell ya something. Like perhaps most people don't go dillying with their permissions....
Just as a wrap-up, however, can a few people please say whether they actually set their nonadmin files to go-rwx, and are actually able to defrag their whole disk without stubborn user files?
OK, I've never bothered to do go-rwx on any files. I use the regular, comes with Windows, defrag tool. Works fine - never complains. There's a data point for you.
I don't even know whether I'm an exception in this practice of setting file permissions, aside from the defrag problem.
Actually you do know - the fact that nobody's chiming in should be a clear clue that nobody else is having this problem.
Andrew DeFaria <>
Is it true that cannibals don't eat clowns because they taste funny?

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