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Re: Attn: cygport maintainer [was: Re: Libtool 2.2.2]

Yaakov (Cygwin Ports) wrote:
Charles Wilson wrote:
| I'm not so sure. I still think that calling LT_OUTPUT immediately after
| LT_INIT is not exactly equivalent to 1.5 behavior.

I think it is equivalent, seeing from a typical configure run with
libtool 1.5:

Looking at some of the other compatibility macros, how about the
following instead:

[$0: Remove this warning and the call to LT_OUTPUT if you do not need
libtool to exist before AC_OUTPUT.])


That looks OK to me. I'll include something like this in the next version of libtool2.2 (or "libtool" test: 2.2).

| [*] But again, my recommedation is that cygport should NOT run
| autoupdate in an automated way. Instead, the package maintainer should
| run it, inspect the results, and fold those changes into .src.patch.


| m4_include([libtool.m4])
| m4_include([ltoptions.m4])
| m4_include([ltversion.m4])
| m4_include([ltsugar.m4])
| m4_include([lt~obsolete.m4])

While that makes sense, I doubt that would work with the special build
systems that I'm discussing, at least not in an automated way without
patching those build systems more than necessary.  I have something else
in mind, but I'll need to try it out first.

For your packages, do whatever makes your life easier. <g>

| Sure...just waiting for more input.

Could you post the answer on cygwin-apps?



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