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Re: 1.5.25-11 Bash? Problem installing unattended on Server 2008

Christoph Herdeg wrote:

> manually executing /etc/profile works without any problem - but what can we
> draw from this?

I draw the conclusion that there is some environmental difference when
NSIS launches cygwin.bat.

> Adding the "set -x" produces the following output (also run
> manually):
> My hint would be that there is nothing wrong in these
> lines..."" would be our script to further customize
> the installation. However: /etc/profile is not executed automatically. It's
> quite a pity but it does not help to see it working when executed
> manually...Remember: It doesn't work ONLY in the case that "cygwin.bat" is
> run by the Nullsoft-Installer. ONLY then the "bash: cannot create temp file
> for here document: Bad address" -error happens

Right, so, can you arrange for there to be a "set -x" at the top of
/etc/profile when the installer runs it to help figure out why it
fails?  You could temporarily edit the base-files package to achieve


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