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Performance question

We are porting a real time data acquisition program for amateur radio digital signal processing. The program, fldigi, uses the Fast Light Tool Kit and and a number of support libraries including PortAudio and Sndfile. The source code for this program can be found at fldigi is licensed under the GPL.

The port to Windows using Cygwin works very well. There is just one issue that needs to be addressed. Several test platforms are used to gauge performance, including an

HP notebook, 900 Mhz Athalon, 256 Mg RAM, and
Dell Dimension 3000, dual processor 3.0 GHz, 1 G RAM.

There is is very significant difference in cpu usage between running the application from the Cygwin X-terminal and running from the run command (with the cygwin1.dll) from Windows.

System       X-term      Windows-Run
HP Athalon   33%           100%
Dell 3000    3 %            55%

We would appreciate any assistance or suggestions on how to improve the performance when linking to cygwin1.dll.

Thank you.

David Freese
for fldigi development team.

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