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Re: 1.5.25-11 Bash? Problem installing unattended on Server 2008

Hello List,

Brian, thank you for your 1st intervention. As I already wrote to the list
on Friday one of our two problems (copying the skeleton files) has resolved
meanwhile: it was caused by the Nullsoft-Installer creating /home and
/home/Administrator. When I look at "/etc/profile" I can see this

      if [ ! -d "${HOME}" ]; then

Due to the fact that the action of copying the skeleton files resides
within the same if-fi-construction they won't be copied if the HOME of the
installing user already exists. Okay. However: our script file gets copied
to "/etc/profile.d" but is not run by Cygwin when bash is started by the
Installer (the installer runs "cygwin.bat" from c:\cygwin...which cds to
c:\cygwin\bin and runs "bash --login -i"). The value of TMP is
"/cygdrive/c/Users/Admini~1/AppData/Local/Temp" (w/o the quotes). BTW:
manually executing /etc/profile works without any problem - but what can we
draw from this? Adding the "set -x" produces the following output (also run

      Administrator@W2K8_test_cherdeg ~
      $ /etc/profile

      + export PATH
      + export MANPATH
      + export INFOPATH
      ++ id -un
      + USER=Administrator
      + export USER
      + '[' '!' -d /home/Administrator ']'
      + chmod 1777 /tmp
      + MAKE_MODE=unix
      + export MAKE_MODE
      + CVS_RSH=/bin/ssh
      + export CVS_RSH
      + case "`echo "_$0" | /usr/bin/tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]' |
/usr/bin/sed -e 's/^
      _//'`" in
      ++ echo _/etc/profile
      ++ /usr/bin/tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]'
      ++ /usr/bin/sed -e 's/^_//'
      + PS1='$ '
      + export PS1
      + '[' -d /etc/profile.d ']'
      ++ /bin/find -L /etc/profile.d -type f -iname '*.sh' -or -iname
      ++ LC_ALL=C
      ++ sort
      + read f
      + '[' -f /etc/profile.d/ ']'
      + . /etc/profile.d/
      ++ /bin/test /bin/sh.exe -ot /bin/bash.exe
      ++ return 0
      + read f
      + '[' -f /etc/profile.d/ ']'
      + . /etc/profile.d/

My hint would be that there is nothing wrong in these
lines..."" would be our script to further customize
the installation. However: /etc/profile is not executed automatically. It's
quite a pity but it does not help to see it working when executed
manually...Remember: It doesn't work ONLY in the case that "cygwin.bat" is
run by the Nullsoft-Installer. ONLY then the "bash: cannot create temp file
for here document: Bad address" -error happens

Does anybody have some ideas?



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                                       Re: 1.5.25-11 Bash? Problem         
             04.04.2008 18:28          installing unattended on Server     
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Christoph Herdeg wrote:

>       bash: cannot create temp file for here document: Bad address
>       bash: /home/Administrator/.bash_profile: Bad address
> ...
> How could we fix this situation - are there any preinstall-requisites
> required on the target system, e.g. setting special ACLs?

What is the value of the TMP environment variable when /etc/profile
runs?  What is the resulting output after adding "set -x" at the
beginning of /etc/profile?


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