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Re: Snapshot cygwin-inst-20080327 regression in ls (permissions?)

On 02/04/2008, Corinna Vinschen <> wrote:
> On Apr  2 10:56, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>  > <excursion>
>  > The above mentioned names are the old directory names used before Vista.
>  > These names have changed, for instance, "Application Data" is now called
>  > "AppData".  The old names still exist though, as directory junction
>  > points with SYSTEM and HIDDEN bits set(*).  You just can't access them
>  > from Windows Explorer, you only get an "Access denied" error.
>  >
>  > (*) So they are marked as operating system files which you only see
>  >     if you made a specific setting in Explorer.
>  > </excursion>
>  >
>  > So far, including the most recent snapshot, Cygwin does not recognize
>  > directory junction points as symlinks, but only as directores.  This has
>  > a minor drawback.  I'm not sure yet if I should change this to recognizing
>  > directory juntion points as symlinks or not...
> I just looked into this stuff again.  Actually I had implemented reading
>  reparse points so that directory junctions are recognized as symlinks.
>  But it didn't work for these special junctions on Vista for two reasons.
>  First, it turned out that these junctions have an ACL which explicitely
>  denies everyone FILE_READ_DATA access.
>  Second, the SYSTEM attribute was evaluated before the REPARSE attribute,
>  so these special reparse points were erroneously opened as Cygwin old-
>  style symlinks instead of reading the reparse data from them.
>  I applied a patch which you'll find in the next snaphshot, which fixes
>  both problems.
>  Corinna

Not sure you need this any more, but I'm including the requested
strace output. Thanks for the quick turnaround, I'll test the later
snapshots and see how I get on.



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