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gcc 4.3 (was: gettext latest vers. 0.17)

Eric Lilja wrote:

> Sorry for this hijack but, Brian, is there in a fact a mail adress brian
> {at} dessent {dot} net and do you check it or are you simply ignoring
> the questions I mailed you? ;)

Yes, that is my email address and yes I read messages sent there.  I'm
sorry that I didn't reply.  I generally ignore or deprioritize people
who email me directly asking something because I feel that replying on
mailing lists is a lot better use of my time than sending personal
emails.  Further, I just got back from traveling and had a backlog of
thousands of messages across a number of mailing lists, so I've been
working my way through that.

The topic that you asked about (gcc 4.3) is complex, and I feel it has
been covered in the archives sufficiently that I didn't feel like
writing another essay on the topic.  It is far from "quiet" as you
suggest.  Here are some recent threads: (and
continued in december:

In short: Exception handling is a complicated situation, both because of
the lack of upstream support for shared target libraries as well as the
desire to transition away from SJLJ.  I think the above threads pretty
clearly spell out what issues are still required to be addressed and
what pains we may encounter when moving to a very different version of
gcc as the default.


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