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Re: Bash.exe stays open after Putty is closed

Paul-Kenji Cahier wrote:
I have personally been using puttycyg here(or to be exact a homemade build that incorporates both puttycyg and many other putty patches) for optimal use.

That way I can use putty as a normal term and when I need to ssh, I just use the normal ssh cygwin client from a putty term.
Seems to me the more "Cygwin" solution would still be to simply use rxvt. It's comes with Cygwin though you have to select it specifically in setup.exe. rxvt is much like xterm so it pays attention to ~/.Xdefaults. rxvt is resizeable like a regular terminal emulator and catches SIGWINCH and adjusts accordingly. rxvt also does "normal selection" and not that boxy selection of the Windows console. rxvt is fully configurable as far as colors and fonts just like an X app. But, rxvt will use Windows widgets if DISPLAY is not set because an X server is not running. So, IOW you don't even need to start a heavy X server to use rxvt! Finally, since you seem to be concerned with it, rxvt uses pty's, which is a problem with some applications that expect no ttys (notably IBM/Rational's cleartool).

So again, there's no "additional" separate package to find, in your case - home make, install and otherwise nurture - just another Cygwin package that works well with all of the Cygwin environment.

You should try rxvt and see if you like it...
Andrew DeFaria <>
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