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Re: Bash.exe stays open after Putty is closed

On 4/5/08, Andrew DeFaria <> wrote:
[snip lots of useless arguing]

Look, use whatever you want, I don't really care.  If you like
cygwin's ssh, wonderful!  I don't.  Putty provides me the flexibility
I need to access many ssh features on a regular basis for the things
that I do, and is 3 clicks away from downloading/running on any system
I use that it's never touched before.  cygwin ssh doesn't, and isn't.
cygwin ssh works great for you and gives you consistency accross many
systems and fits the requirements that you have for an ssh client.
Different strokes, different folks.

My intent on answering you was to show you that there are other
options out there.  Because a person chooses to use putty or cygwin
ssh doesn't really matter.  My question at the end, "Why NOT use it?"
was rhetorical to show that it's silly to expect that any one program
is going to be perfect for every single user, as was implied by your
question "Why use putty instead of ssh?"

The takeaway is that if bash isn't handling a SIGHUP properly (As
Paul-Kenji pointed out), then that is an issue that can't be ignored
by saying "just use cygwin ssh".

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