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Re[2]: Bash.exe stays open after Putty is closed

Sorry, sent this mail with a reply to the original author, here's to the main list.
And sorry to Andrew DeFaria for the double mail.

>?NightStrike wrote:
>>?I personally use putty because the putty console window is superb, 
>?How is it "superb"? I agree, the DOS box window sucks. I, however, use 
>?rxvt, which is, IMHO, superb!
>>?and because it allows incredibly easy access to all of the many 
>>?features of an ssh client.
>?Really? What features does an ssh client have that really needs 
>?accessing or a special program to access?
>>?Plus, it supports both telnet and ssh,
>?Hmmmm... Bash/rxvt/cygwin support telnet, ssh, rsh and a whole bunch of 
>?other things....
>>?can handle a bazillion code pages / character sets (the most important 
>>?being UTF-8),
>?You might have me there. UTF-8 is not important to me. I think there are 
>?UTF-8 solutions for say rxvt but again, as I don't need them, I don't 
>?seek them out.
>>?offers great logging support, per-connection profiles, complete 
>>?control over hotkeys, easy handling of Backspace,
>?How hard is it to handle a backspace? (And yeah I'm familiar with the 
>>?one-click access to the alternate terminal screen buffer (for 
>>?applications like vi), etc etc etc...
>?What's an "alternate terminal screen buffer"?
>>?If you have Windows, why NOT use putty?
>?Simple: Because it's yet another application I need to find, download, 
>?install, patch and otherwise babysit. Also, it's "different".

>?Taking a more strict "everything comes in Cygwin and works well 
>?together" approach seems to serve me very well over the years. There's 
>?not much difference in thought between "hey I'm working on 
>?Solaris/Linux/HP-UX, etc." and "hey I'm working on Cygwin". I don't need 
>?a special program for just one aspect such as Putty for ssh/telnet, 
>?Reflection/X for an X server, ActiveState for Perl, etc., etc. - I just 
>?download and install Cygwin. Then everything under Cygwin is much like 
>?everything under Linux (yes, yes I know it's not exactly the same but 
>?it's a lot more similar then say Putty vs. ssh).

I have personally been using puttycyg here(or to be exact a homemade build that incorporates both puttycyg and many other putty patches) for optimal use.

That way I can use putty as a normal term and when I need to ssh, I just use the normal ssh cygwin client from a putty term.
Also I used to have problems when closing putty with the bash processes staying alive, but have not seen that problem recently.
(when puttycyg is alt+f4/force closed, the process also get a sighup I think, or something strong enough to tell them to die)

Just my 2cents.

Paul-Kenji Cahier

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