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Re: Bash.exe stays open after Putty is closed

NightStrike wrote:
I personally use putty because the putty console window is superb,
How is it "superb"? I agree, the DOS box window sucks. I, however, use rxvt, which is, IMHO, superb!
and because it allows incredibly easy access to all of the many features of an ssh client.
Really? What features does an ssh client have that really needs accessing or a special program to access?
Plus, it supports both telnet and ssh,
Hmmmm... Bash/rxvt/cygwin support telnet, ssh, rsh and a whole bunch of other things....
can handle a bazillion code pages / character sets (the most important being UTF-8),
You might have me there. UTF-8 is not important to me. I think there are UTF-8 solutions for say rxvt but again, as I don't need them, I don't seek them out.
offers great logging support, per-connection profiles, complete control over hotkeys, easy handling of Backspace,
How hard is it to handle a backspace? (And yeah I'm familiar with the issues).
one-click access to the alternate terminal screen buffer (for applications like vi), etc etc etc...
What's an "alternate terminal screen buffer"?
If you have Windows, why NOT use putty?
Simple: Because it's yet another application I need to find, download, install, patch and otherwise babysit. Also, it's "different".

Taking a more strict "everything comes in Cygwin and works well together" approach seems to serve me very well over the years. There's not much difference in thought between "hey I'm working on Solaris/Linux/HP-UX, etc." and "hey I'm working on Cygwin". I don't need a special program for just one aspect such as Putty for ssh/telnet, Reflection/X for an X server, ActiveState for Perl, etc., etc. - I just download and install Cygwin. Then everything under Cygwin is much like everything under Linux (yes, yes I know it's not exactly the same but it's a lot more similar then say Putty vs. ssh).
Andrew DeFaria <>
Support Cannibalism - Eat me!

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