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Re: gettext latest vers. 0.17 wrote:
Just as the person below noted that the latest version of gettext, 0.17
was needed, I found myself also needing it. I expect that more and more
newer versions and updates will be requiring it.

The current cygwin gettext package is over two years old. The below
archive gives an explanation for this.

My question is the usage of "cygport" really required to be used. I
certainly feel that it should not be required and it has certainly appeared
to hamper a lot of progress in maintenance and updates of existing packages.

It is a tool, best know by its developer, but it is merely a tool and
should not be a required one. Cygwin already has a specification for
packages, the only requirement should be that a package meets that
specification, not how it was accomplished.

It would be great to allow that freedom and then we can get a latest
update of gettext and all would be happy.

This is my understanding. Please comment on the "required use" of
cygport.   And who said it is required and why.

The short answer is that usage of cygport is not required. The slightly longer answer is that use of cygport has been encouraged but not mandated. A quick look at the Cygwin Package Contributor's Guide should prove quite illuminating in this regard <>. It doesn't even mention cygport as an option, which is an oversight for sure, but should alleviate any concern that cygport is a requirement.

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