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RE: seg fault trying to run pinfo

DePriest, Jason R. wrote on Thursday, April 03, 2008 10:54 PM:
> Running pinfo with no arguments works fine.  It loads up a default
> menu. 
> However, if I try to launch it with any arguments (like 'pinfo perl'
> or 'pinfo cp') it seg faults and dumps core.
> cygcheck output attached
> Also, pinfo.exe.stackdump01 was 'pinfo cp' before I ran rebaseall and
> pinfo.exe.stackdump02 was after I ran rebaseall.
> No change.
> Is it just me or is there really a bug?
> Thanks.
> -Jason

This has been reported before, e.g.:

It seems to be a problem with cygwin 1.5.25:

(You can google for more.)

My solution:
	alias spinfo='cygstart --maximize pinfo'
(Replacing cygstart with 'cmd /c start /max' also works.)

More diagnostic info:

The crash happens with both bash and ash and
	cygstart bash -c pinfo sed
	echo sed | gawk '{ system("pinfo " $1) }'
or even
	echo sed | gawk '{ system("pinfo") }'
It happens when windows loads bash directly (without a batch file) from a shortcut or via chere.

It does not happen when using pinfo in a cmd window or is run from bash that has been loaded in a cmd window whether by cygwin.bat or by loading cmd and then typing in bash.

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