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Re: A small suggestion to setup.exe of cygwin

"Larry Hall (Cygwin)" <> wrote in message">
æ æ wrote:
Michael wrote:
I've wondered about this too... So if I have changed my Cygwin setup on one machine and
I want to duplicate those changes on another machine, all I have to do is copy installed.db
to the other machine and run setup.exe there?
> Thanks Larry, good to know "cygcheck" command and install.db.
> Sorry that I should have take a look at FAQ more carefully since
> all of above have been talked there.
> But what I suggested on the other hand is the same as Michael's idea.
> I would like to see if cygwin's setup.exe could somehow "import" an
> install.db file and perform setup automatically to copy a cygwin
> environment with all of your preferred packages.
> This will make life easier without manually choose those packages
> one by one from such a long list. You know, I always want to save my
> hard disk but always forget something and have to run setup.exe
> again and again. This will also give great ease when you transfer your
> work from different computers, or when telling your colleague to
> create the same cygwin env as yours.
> Or, maybe this function also has been implemented by some cygwin
> commands else? Please let me know if it exists. Thanks.

Putting "/etc/setup/installed.db" in place before running 'setup.exe'
should make it think all those packages are installed.  Switching to
"Reinstall" for "All" should make it reinstall the packages at the
version specified, if those exists.

That makes sense, thanks.

This does presuppose that you
have a local package directory with all the packages/versions you
want and that you've told 'setup.exe' to install from that local
package directory.

Why is that? If I'm set up to install from the Internet wouldn't reinstall all go there? I've never kept a local package directory...

FYI, I haven't tested this process myself.  Bumps and bruises may
occur. ;-)

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