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Re: using rsync with Win32/UNC pathnames?

Tomasz Chmielewski schrieb:
Corinna Vinschen schrieb:
On Apr 3 13:10, Brian Dessent wrote:
Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:

So once Cygwin learns how to speak UTF-8, I will finally be able to
backup all Windows files... :)
Set CYGWIN=codepage:utf8 to enable UTF-8 support.

...and set LC_CTYPE=C-UTF-8, otherwise multibyte/wide char aware application don't convert UTF-8 strings correctly from multibyte to wide char and vice versa.

It works, but again, only locally.

Is there a way to tell these variables to a cygwin service (i.e., rsyncd started with cygrunsrv?).

I tried to set them as a global variable (System -> Advanced -> Environment variables), started new console, restarted rsyncd service with cygrunsrv, but it doesn't have any effect on rsyncd service - files with UTF-8 characters still fail to transfer (file has vanished).

This time, I used rsync 3.0.0 binary on a Linux server, so it's not a problem with an old protocol etc.

Probably the whole Windows machine needs to be restarted if we add new system variables?

Even if the service is restarted, it doesn't see new variables. So all services depend on some other process which is already running, it seems.


Tomasz Chmielewski

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