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Re: A small suggestion to setup.exe of cygwin

æ æ wrote:
Hi List:

I just got a small suggestion to the setup.exe of cygwin. I feel it could
be useful to add a function, which makes it possible to export the package
list (that you currently installed or going to install) into a file (txt for
example), or at least allow people to copy the characters from setup.exe.
This will make a person easily set up a cygwin environment that exactly the
same as someone else who shares his package list. You know when developing
programs, sometimes it is important to have the same version of compilers or
tools. And this could also help to specify which "version" of cygwin you are

I think what you're looking for is '/etc/setup/installed.db' or the output of 'cygcheck -c[d]'

Larry Hall                    
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