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Re: How do I run sshd as a particular user?

On Apr 2, 2008, at 9:27, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

Did you try anything besides switching the user? For instance:

- Did you check the event log?

Yes, did not find anything useful.

- Did you check /var/run/sshd.log? If it's empty it's probably because
the domain user has no write permission.

No, I did not.

- Does the domain user have an entry in the local /etc/passwd? sshd
needs that when checking file ownership. And it allows to specify the
user to cygrunsrv without the "domain\win_username" syntax.

Well, there is an entry for a user of the same name. Is that enough or is there a way to specify the fact that it's a domain user?

- Did you chown /etc/ssh* and /var/empty to the domain user when trying
to start the service under that account? That's a must have.

No, I did not know about this either. I will try these suggestions as soon as I get a chance, but that might not be until I return to the office next week. A quick question, though. Instead of making all these changes, is there a better way to (re-)install Cygwin sshd so that it is properly set up for a domain user?


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