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Re: lost SIGTERM signal handler and winpcap....

James Abley wrote:
On 28/03/2008, S A wrote:
Here's the really strange part:

 if I do an strace on my application, then my signal handler
 gets invoked correctly!! Can't explain this.

c.f. Heisenbug [1]. It's common enough, but very annoying. Gives you another avenue to explore though. What does strace do to the environment that causes the problem to disappear?

That's simple. strace is a Windows app, not a Cygwin app. So it doesn't have the Cygwin signal semantics.

You'll probably get a better feel for the differences here if you take a
look at the Cygwin doc:


Gritty details can be found in 'how-signals-work.txt' the 'cygwin'
source directory.

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