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Re: postinstall hang

Thanks, here are the outputs.
Actually I do have a logitech webcam, but couldn't find any
running processes I could
associate with it. In the Registry run section is an entry for
C:\Programme\Logitech\Video\ManifestEngine.exe boot
but I can't see that in the task manager, or anything started by it.
The cygcheck does say though:-

"Potential app conflicts:
Logitech Process Monitor service
Detected: HKLM Registry Key, Named process."

So perhaps the problem is there?


 Logitech process monitor is infamous for borking cygwin.  Stop and Disable
it in the service control manager and with just a little luck all those
crashes will be lost in time, like tears in the rain.

YES!!! Thanks, I didn't realise the Logitech Process Manager entered itself as a service... I just did a complete reinstall with it disabled and even with X and everything all went fine! For the moment I only really need the cygwin X-Server - do you think that will that run ok with the Logitech Process Manager? Or is that asking for trouble again?

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