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Re: cron with gnuplot


>From the log you sent in cronbug.txt it looks like the script is running, confirming what you 
What do you expect it will produce?

Note that the filename cron.log in your home directory conflicts with a file created by 
which is run by the cron daemon to save the cron output that is mailed to the user in normal 
systems. To avoid the conflict, change the name cron.log in your crontab to something else.


----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Nadi Itani" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, March 31, 2008 4:31 PM
Subject: cron with gnuplot


I am trying to run a cron script to generate a plot at regular

Here is my crontab:
# DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE - edit the master and reinstall.
# (- installed on Mon Mar 31 13:19:09 2008)
# (Cron version V5.0 -- $Id: crontab.c,v 1.12 2004/01/23 18:56:42 vixie
Exp $)
* * * * * /home/nitani/plot_test.g > cron.log 2> cron.err

After this runs I, cron.log and cron.err are both 0 bytes. If I change
the filename to an incorrect name I do get a file not found error in
cron.err. So, I know the script is running however, I don't get any plot
out. If I run the script from the command line it works fine. Please

Nadi Itani


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