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RE: Changing cygwin account name (cygwin only)

--- Hussein Patwa ha scritto:

> One more question though, how can I change the way
> bash (and tcsh as I
> sometimes use it for a change) display the type
> prompt?  I use a screen
> reader and it can get tedious hearing it read out
> the whole user@host each
> time the prompt appears.  Can I change it to just
> user, or rename the host
> part (which is a random laptop name ACER-12345678
> for example) to say just
> patwa@laptop without changing the windows name for
> it?  I'd experiment with
> passwd, but I'm not sure if the machine name given
> in there is taken from
> windows, or whether it would break if I changed it. 
> Hope this makes sense.
> Sorry, but after all the problems, download,
> install, delete, re-install
> cycles I've had this weekend I'm weary of doing
> anything on my own that
> might break what's an almost perfect setup now.

to redefine the prompt you need to assign a
 new value to variable PS1

for your scope should be something simple as  
PS1='\w\n\$ '

so you have only the current directory and no 
username and host.

To define it permanenly, add the command to the 
file .bashrc in your home dir.


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