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Changing cygwin account name (cygwin only)


After nearly ten hours of work today my previous cygwin install which was
somewhat kaput (for reasons I don't understand) has been deleted,
re-installed, deleted, re-installed again, had multiple packages manually
added due to the post-install scripts failing and is finally almost ready to
go.  Phew!

Anyway the one final issue that remains is that I want to change the user
name that is the default user for my cygwin installation.  At the moment
it's taking the name from my WinXP account name, so home/Hussein Patwa/.
I'd like to change it to something that doesn't have a space, but don't want
to rename my computer's account.

How can I change the user for cygwin without messing up all the internal
file paths, etc?  Is there a function that will change the name, rename that
folder, and also update all the various internals automatically?  

Thanks for any help.  Bear in mind I'm no cygwin guru so please go gentle on


Kind Regards and Best Wishes,

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