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Re: Windows ClearCase [Was: Cygwin Visuals]

On 2008-03-28, Andrew DeFaria wrote:
> Gary Johnson wrote:
>> Are you using ClearCase on Windows, or just ClearCase on Unix? We use both 
>> at work. I found that I couldn't execute "cleartool edcs" in rxvt because 
>> cleartool apparently requires a Windows Console. The editor (vim) ran 
>> fine, but the screen filled with a bunch of garbage when I closed vim. Are 
>> you able to run "cleartool edcs" in rxvt or ssh?
> One must remember when using rxvt that it uses ptys. Many Windows programs 
> don't understand ptys. Cleartool is one of them. Try just typing in 
> cleartool in an rxvt Window. You'll never see the prompt. Luckily I, and 
> apparently you, rarely type in cleartool then enter in commands. You 
> probably have your ct alias which is common. So then you do ct ls or ct 
> lsview or ct checkout or ct co... etc. You then never hit the problem with 
> ptys.
> ct edcs then introduces the problem because it effectively does:
>    $ ct catcs > /tmp/$$
>    $ vim /tmp/$$
>    $ # check that file has changed and offer to setcs
>    $ ct setcs /tmp/$$
> So then you could do, roughly, the above (which is what I do) or perhaps 
> script it.

Good idea.  I'll try writing a ct script to trap the edcs case and 
handle it as above.  Thanks again.


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