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lost SIGTERM signal handler and winpcap....


(I've posted this question on the winpcap mailing list but didn't get a response - just 
thought I'd check here too) 

I'm using Winpcap 4.0.2 in a cygwin application for
local packet capture.

My application registers a SIG_TERM signal handler.

But once i call pcap_next_ex(), my signal handler
never gets invoked upon sending a kill -TERM to the

If I re-register the my signal handler after
the call to pcap_next_ex, then the handler is invoked
as expected.

I've looked at the winpcap sources and to the best of my
knowledge I didn't see any code registering its own SIG_TERM

Here's the really strange part: 

if I do an strace on my application, then my signal handler
gets invoked correctly!! Can't explain this. 

If you have any ideas on what I could look at next please let me
know. Not familiar at all with the underlying Windows signal handling - 
I know pcap_next_ex() eventually calles WaitForSingleObject & WaitForMultipleObject. 


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