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Re: Windows ClearCase [Was: Cygwin Visuals]

Gary Johnson wrote:
Are you using ClearCase on Windows, or just ClearCase on Unix? We use both at work. I found that I couldn't execute "cleartool edcs" in rxvt because cleartool apparently requires a Windows Console. The editor (vim) ran fine, but the screen filled with a bunch of garbage when I closed vim. Are you able to run "cleartool edcs" in rxvt or ssh?
One must remember when using rxvt that it uses ptys. Many Windows programs don't understand ptys. Cleartool is one of them. Try just typing in cleartool in an rxvt Window. You'll never see the prompt. Luckily I, and apparently you, rarely type in cleartool then enter in commands. You probably have your ct alias which is common. So then you do ct ls or ct lsview or ct checkout or ct co... etc. You then never hit the problem with ptys.

ct edcs then introduces the problem because it effectively does:

   $ ct catcs > /tmp/$$
   $ vim /tmp/$$
   $ # check that file has changed and offer to setcs
   $ ct setcs /tmp/$$

So then you could do, roughly, the above (which is what I do) or perhaps script it.
Andrew DeFaria <>
Friends may come and go, but enemies accumulate.

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