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Windows ClearCase [Was: Cygwin Visuals]

On 2008-03-27, Andrew DeFaria wrote:

> I have a set of rc files that I use on HP-UX, Solaris, FreeBDS, 
> Linux and Cygwin.  All of them give me a consistent environment 
> (involved environment too with many aliases/functions for things 
> like IBM/Rational's Clearcase and Multisite).
> And rxvt is a very good substitute for the cruddy Window cmd window.

> I can be ssh'ed into an HP-UX, Solaris, FreeBDS or Linux box - 
> even another Windows box courtesy of Cygwin, and develop software, 
> work with Clearcase, build, etc. in my customized and efficient 
> command line environment and it all works relatively the same 
> everywhere!

This sounds very much like my setup, or at least the setup I working 
towards.  I just added run.exe to all my rxvt remote login 
shortcuts, and now I have no more flashing Command Prompt windows.  
Thanks for the tip.

Are you using ClearCase on Windows, or just ClearCase on Unix?  We 
use both at work.  I found that I couldn't execute "cleartool edcs" 
in rxvt because cleartool apparently requires a Windows Console.  
The editor (vim) ran fine, but the screen filled with a bunch of 
garbage when I closed vim.  Are you able to run "cleartool edcs" in 
rxvt or ssh?


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