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Re: Cygwin Visuals

Diego Costa wrote:
Please how can i configure the cygwin shell to be exactly like the solaris command prompt ?
By using the same shell and startup files as you do on Solaris! I have a set of rc files that I use on HP-UX, Solaris, FreeBDS, Linux and Cygwin. All of them give me a consistent environment (involved environment too with many aliases/functions for things like IBM/Rational's Clearcase and Multisite).

And rxvt is a very good substitute for the cruddy Window cmd window. Some things you should like is the ability to resize the rxvt window and have say vim just dynamically sense it and adjust. Also copy and paste is, for lack of a better term, normal.

Rxvt does not come from Cygwin by default but you can run cygwin.exe and search the full listing for it. As it has been said, rxvt can run without the heaviness of having to download, install, configure and run an X server. It still pays attention to things like ~/.Xdefaults. All in all a very good middle ground.

I configure Windows shortcuts to use Cygwin's run.exe program (starts a process without having a cmd window terminal pop up) to run rxvt. I then use -name to call out a class of .Xdefaults to color and otherwise configure the class of terminals (so let's say servers are dark backgrounds while desktops are light backgrons) then -e to have rxvt exec an ssh to a particular machine. I arrange these in a menu such that I just need to open the menu and select the proper machine and viola! An rxvt terminal comes up logged into the machine in question. I set up preshared ssh keys so that I don't have to constantly be typing in my password 1000 times a day and bam! A much more convenient work environment. I can be ssh'ed into an HP-UX, Solaris, FreeBDS or Linux box - even another Windows box courtesy of Cygwin, and develop software, work with Clearcase, build, etc. in my customized and efficient command line environment and it all works relatively the same everywhere!
Andrew DeFaria <>
C:\> Bad command or file name! Go stand in the corner.

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