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Re: Cygwin Visuals

On 2008-03-27, Brian Mathis wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 2:38 PM, Diego Costa <> wrote:
> > Please how can i configure the cygwin shell to be exactly like the
> >  solaris command prompt ?

> Cygwin by default uses the "bash" shell and runs it in the "Command
> Prompt" window for windows.  You can change the shell to something
> else if you like, by editing the cygwin.bat file.  You can change the
> window it runs in by using either xterm (also requires X Windows to be
> installed and running) or by using rxvt, which doesn't require X
> Windows.  'rxvt' is a great solution and you will probably think it
> works very much like solaris.
> Remember that cygwin is not solaris (or any other type of unix) -- it
> is its own thing and has its own unique feel to it (though it may be
> similar to unix).

The look of the prompt itself is set by the PS1 variable.  You can 
look in /etc/profile for examples, then put your own definition in 
~/.profile or ~/.bash_profile.


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