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Re: about cyglsa.dll

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According to Hugh Sasse on 3/27/2008 4:51 AM:
| So I was trying to tell you privately, spare your blushes (if any) and
| not risk the misunderstanding that I might be publicly calling you a
| hypocrite -- because that is ABSOLUTELY NOT my intention.

Thanks - no offense taken by any of your actions.  I apologize if my
action of exposing your off-list to the mail caused you any grief, or if I
came over a little too harsh in my reply.

| now you've made it public I've had to explain all that.

Then I think we are both in agreement - we understand the list policy of
munging email addresses from headers, the idea of trimming all but
relevant portions when replying (such as footers), and recognize that some
people (myself included) add email addresses in their footers with full
realization that it might invite more spam.

With that, I think this thread can come to a close, and we can send the
hippos after anyone else who doesn't add anything constructive to the
conversation (myself included - I'm already borderline by posting this
reply, related to cygwin list policy, but unrelated to the original
subject line :)

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Don't work too hard, make some time for fun as well!

Eric Blake   
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